Saturday, May 23, 2009

PSY230 Week 5, DQ 1

Post your response to the following: What is the difference between absolute continuity and differential continuity? Do[es] an individual’s experiences impact differential continuity? Provide specific examples.

From what I gathered from the text absolute continuity entails personality traits which persist over a given amount of time in someone’s life. However differential continuity has more to do with where someone ranks, relative to others, on a certain trait over a given period of time. As I have looked back over my life, while reading this week’s text, I have come to the conclusion that I show a high level of absolute continuity on traits such as extroversion and neuroticism. I utilize the anxious attachment style in my life and therefore would probably score very high on neuroticism (anxiety). Hopefully over the course of the next few years I can show a change in differential continuity in this trait category.

I do believe that personal experience does affect differential continuity. Remember though with differential continuity, it is not that trait values change but that trait values change relative to other peoples trait values over the same time. Therefore I would have to become less neurotic while others became more or maintained their level of neuroticism. For instance, through this degree in psychology I could actually alter the personality trait of neuroticism, and therefore decrease that trait relative to other people who might not have the opportunity to complete such as course.

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